The place of innovative and academic oriented learning, and to combine academic excellence with social and economic relevance.

The core mission is to provide educational excellence by facilitating high-quality teaching and learning.

The following goals and strategies have been identified to serve this purpose:

Campus Environment: To develop a safe, accessible, welcoming, and student-focused learning environment

Higher Education Opportunities: Support and develop a wide variety of educational opportunities

Accountability: Demonstrate ways the college responds to the community’s learning needs

Student Success: Preparing students for success in higher education and life in a global society

Cultural Enrichment: Enhance diversity and expose learners to various cultural experiences

Diversity and Faculty Development: Make significant progress toward a more diverse faculty, student body, and staff in terms of nationality

Staff Development: Encourage and support professional development for all employees

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Gadong Campus : +673 2451133 / Jerudong Campus : +673 2611133
Email : enquiry@micronet.com.bn

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